What to Expect

Location: The Ace Hotel Toronto (!)

Tuesday February 21, 2023 - Recognize

Diving into stress and burnout and how to choose differently for yourself and your life.

Thursday May 18, 2023 - Rest

Understanding the power of rest and identifying ways to integrate it into your life–we’re about integration NOT vacations here at Re-Work

Thursday August 17, 2023 (Date TBC) - Play & Creativity

Leverage the power of play and creativity. How to do them, why they matter, and all the magic they open up in your mind and life.

Thursday November 16, 2023 (full circle!) - New Ways of Being

This is when we get to planning and leveraging our fresh creative brains to re-imagine work and plan a path forward to a more fulfilling and sustainable work life.

The experiences will come with

  • Four 3-hour in-person workshops
  • A new and improved workbook with even more exercises and insights so we can go deep
  • Inspiring Storytellers
  • Unique location in-person and time for community connection (with snacks!)
  • And like-minded community. The kind of deep connection, experience, and shifts we hope you’ve come to expect from us

While your tickets are non-refundable, we're happy to work with you to transfer a ticket to another person .